Tsadra Foundation Scholarship

Tsadra Foundation offers a three-year scholarship for Western students committed to the in-depth study of Buddhist philosophy in the Tibetan language. Currently, the scholarship supports students who aspire to complete RYI's two-year MA in Buddhist Studies and includes two additional semesters of philosophy courses in Tibetan with RYI's khenpo and lopon professors and one year studying in the Sangye Yeshe Shedra after MA coursework is complete. 

Eligibility for the scholarship is based on a proven advanced intermediate level of fluency in Tibetan language and the applicant's nationality as stated in their passport. 

The award includes full room and board, tuition, international medical insurance, books, and roundtrip airfare to the recipient's home country once each year. To read more about eligibility and to start an application, visit Tsadra Foundation's website. 

Questions about the study program at RYI for Tsadra scholarship recipients may be directed to programs@ryi.org or click here to send a message.

Questions about the scholarship application process and eligibility for the scholarship should be directed to studyscholarships@tsadra.org and you can also visit their website for more information about eligibility and how to apply.

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