Tsadra Foundation Scholarship

Tsadra Foundation now offers three different scholarships for Western students committed to the in-depth study of Buddhist philosophy in the Tibetan language. The scholarship support students who aspire to study in the following programs:

The Master’s Preparatory program (one year)

The Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies (two years)

The Master of Arts in Translation, Textual Interpretation, and Philology (two years)

Among other topics, students in the two Master’s programs study philosophy with Tibetan Khenpos and Lopons, and experience what it is like to receive the Buddhist teachings directly from monastic faculty in Tibetan, in the traditional word-by-word style of exegesis practiced in the Tibetan monastic colleges. Students in the MA Preparatory program (MA Prep) take Tibetan language courses that prepare them to receive teachings in Tibetan, while also studying the Buddhist philosophy and history courses needed to succeed in their MA study.

Eligibility for the MA studies scholarship is based on a proven advanced level of fluency in Tibetan language and the applicant's nationality as stated in their passport. Eligibility for MA Prep study is based on a proven intermediate level of Tibetan language fluency, with the expectation that this will develop into the advanced level of fluency needed to study Buddhist texts directly in Tibetan, along with the applicant's nationality as stated in his or her passport. 

The MA scholarship awards include full room and board, tuition and fees, funding for five hours per week of additional language tuition with a private tutor, international medical insurance, books, and roundtrip airfare to the recipient's home country once each year. 

The MA Prep scholarship awards are for full tuition and fees, plus funding for five hours per week of additional language tuition with a private tutor, but do not include room and board or any other additional allowances. 

Please consider carefully your financial situation and think of others less fortunate and apply only if you are truly in need of assistance. 

The application deadline for all three scholarships is February 1 for enrollment at RYI in late August of the same year. An acceptance letter from RYI is a required part of your application to the Tsadra Foundation. Please make sure you apply to RYI by early January at the latest.

Questions about the study program at RYI for Tsadra scholarship recipients may be answered by our FAQ page. For any questions not answered in the FAQ please email programs@ryi.org or click here to send a message.

Please visit the Tsadra Foundation website for more information about eligibility and how to apply. If you have further questions direct them to studyscholarships@tsadra.org.