Saturday, March 25, 2017

8:00 a.m.    Registration opens for on-site registration and pre-registration check-in.

9:00 a.m.    Welcome and Introductions: Monks from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, RYI founder: Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, KU Vice Chancellor: Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha, Former KU Registrar and Dean: Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar, Master of Ceremonies, and CBS Principal Greg Whiteside. 

Philosophy Panel 1:

10:00 a.m.   Keynote Speaker: John Dunne: Science and Buddhism: Why Bother? 

10:45 a.m.   Questions from the audience for Keynote Speaker

11:00 a.m.   Ana Cristina O. Lopes: Buddhism in the Lab: Mind & Life Dialogues as Cultural Translation (Including Q&A) 

11:30 a.m.   Tea Break

12:00 p.m.   Khenpo Urgyen Tenpel: Compassion Unleashed: The Buddha, His Dharma and How It Came to Tibet (Including Q&A) 

12:45 p.m.   Panel discussion

1:15 p.m.      Lunch

Philosophy Panel 2:

2:45 p.m.      William Waldron: Indian Buddhist Perspectives on the Scientific Study of  Meditation: What Scientists Might Learn from Their Buddhist Subjects (Including Q&A) 

3:15 p.m.      Karin Meyers: Cross-Cultural Philosophy, Modern Science, and Traditional Buddhist Worldviews (Including Q&A) 

3:45 p.m.      Tea Break 

4:15 p.m.      Klaus-Dieter Mathes: Madhyamaka in the Light of Quantum Physics: A Modern Interpretative Comparison of Dependent Origination with Quantum Interconnectedness (Including Q&A) 

4:45 p.m.      Panel discussion

5:45 p.m.     Special event - Gala reception - Click for more Information

7:00 p.m.      Special event - Gala dinner - Click for more Information


Sunday, March 26, 2017

9:00 a.m.      Welcome, Master of Ceremonies

Anthropology and History Panel:

9:30 a.m.      Gregory Sharkey SJ: Buddhism in a New Key: The Roots & Growth of Engaged Buddhism (Including Q&A) 

9:45 a.m.    Alexander Von Rospatt: The Ādikarma Literature: The Vows and Daily Practices of Lay Bodhisattvas in Late Indic Buddhism and their Perpetuation in the Nepalese Tradition (Including Q&A) 

10:45 a.m.    Tea Break

11:15 a.m.    Ong See Yew: The Rise of Humanistic and Engaged Buddhism in Malaysia - A Response to Social Needs in a Multicultural Society (Including Q&A) 

11:45 a.m.    Panel discussion

12:15 p.m.    Lunch

Philosophy Panel 3:

1:45 p.m.       Khenpo Tsondru Sangpo: Mipham’s Synthesis of Philosophical Foes (Including Q&A) 

2:30 p.m.       Douglas Duckworth: Buddhism and Beyond: The Question of Pluralism (Including Q&A) 

3:00 p.m.       Anne MacDonald: Transplanting Madhyamaka: Donors, Recipients, and Some Vexing Complications (Including Q&A) 

3:30 p.m.       Tea Break

4:00 p.m.       Jin Y. Park: Women and Buddhist Philosophy (Including Q&A) 

4:30 p.m.       Jonardon Ganeri: Illusions of Immortality: A transnational conversation between Bhadantācariya Buddhaghosa and Fernando Pessoa (Including Q&A) 

5:00 p.m.       Panel discussion

5:30 p.m.       Concluding Remarks