Living Expenses

To help students calculate their financial needs, the table below shows an estimate of costs for the academic year 2019-2020 in US dollars. This allows for a simple-to-average level of comfort, but not luxurious living.

Study visa fee (US$30/month) $240 (Sept - April, 8 months)
Books and supplies $250 (Sept - April)
Room and board**(US$500/month) $4,500 (Aug - April, 9 months)
Optional field trips $250
TOTAL $5240

**Room and board costs are, as mentioned above, estimated for simple-to-average living in Nepal. If you would like to rent an apartment, costs will vary depending on location and size. These days, smaller apartments start around US$180 per month, but can be as expensive as US$350 per month. Larger, fancy apartments can cost as much as US$460 per month. Costs increase the closer the apartment is to the stupa. Further away from the center of Boudhanath, rooms and apartments tend to be cheaper. In terms of food cost, it is cheaper if you cook for yourself or eat at the Utpala Cafe (about US$3 for lunch) than eating at recommended restaurants nearby (about US$4.50 for lunch). Local restaurants that do not cater to foreigners are even cheaper, but the chances of getting ill from eating at these restaurants is quite high. One of the cheapest options is living with a Tibetan or Nepalese family, who usually charge about US$200 for a room, breakfast, and dinner. Another cheap option is to rent an apartment, share rooms with other students, and cook for yourselves.