Online Buddhist Studies

Online Buddhist Studies or Specialized Textual Studies courses focus on a specific Tibetan text. Your course will be taught by a monastic instructor (khenpo or lopon) in Tibetan and translated into English by a skilled interpreter.

Courses are delivered via Moodle, an open source e-learning environment. Each class session includes a video or audio lecture of the monastic instructor teaching along with the English translation. Often, supplementary materials are included, such as academic readings related to the topics covered in the video lectures and review classes created by our Western academic instructors to clarify, illustrate, or reiterate important points.

For each session, students watch the video, or listen to the audio, then watch the review classes and read the supplementary material using Moodle, an open source e-learning environment. 

Root Verses of the Middle Way (Mūlamadhyamikakārikā)

What is real? Examine various aspects of experience through Nāgārjuna's classic text which brings to light the Buddha's doctrine of dependent origination. Studying this text as a philosophical treatise is an adventure in itself, and for those who practice meditation, it is the perfect complement. Read more...