Online Public Guest Lectures


 Buddhist Art Lecture Series

We are pleased to announce that Rangjung Yeshe Institute will host a series of online public lectures on Buddhist Art over the coming months. Prof. Diane Denis has invited various artists and an art historian to speak on different topics as part of her Buddhist Art course this semester. These lectures are being made available to the public free of charge. Listed below are the dates of the talks and the topics that will be discussed. We do hope you can join us for some or all of these talks (Nepal times are shown below): 

Barbara Dilley (Dance) - Embodied Wisdom, Thusday Sept. 10, 19:45 

Anahi Tisseghem - Art and Newar Ritual, Friday Oct. 2, 19:00 

Sukhi Barber - Bronze Sculpture - Embodied Empty Form, Thursday Oct. 8, 19:45 

Steve Tibbetts - Music - Empty Sound, Thursday Oct. 15, 19:45 

Jamyang Tulku - Visual Arts - Art as Bodhicitta, Thursday Oct. 22, 19:45 

Swosti R. Kayastha - Art Historian - Buddhist Art in Nepal, Thursday Nov. 5, 19:45 

Swosti R. Kayastha - Buddhist Iconography, Thursday Nov. 12, 19:45 

Swosti R. Kayastha - Buddhist Architecture, Thursday Nov. 19, 19:45 

Round Table with Contemporary Nepali Artists - Artist as Sage or the Inner Life of the Artist, Friday Dec. 4, 13:00 to 15:00 

Art as Bodhicitta

The next talk in our Buddhist Art Public Lecture series is with with Tulku Jamyang (TJ) (Buddhist teacher and visual artist) on "Art as Bodhicitta".


Bodhicitta is defined as a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment. It is motivated by a great compassion for all sentient beings, also called ‘awakening mind’. This wish cannot be limited to how a person decides to live his/her life. The path and experience of ‘awakening’ is an intimate and internal experience and this is what I am trying to portray in my paintings. I come from a Buddhist background and therefore my paintings carry a very personal narrative. In this talk, I will present my monks series (reminiscent of my early life) in which a ‘monk’ is just doing normal things, like eating a pizza, relaxing on the beach or listening to music. I am thus inviting the viewer to move beyond the outer appearance of a person, even if he/she belongs to a certain institution ; to go beyond the ideas that one may have about this and that. In my view, it is more important to discuss the knowledge that the monastic community is training in, than what they should or should not do, especially in a rapidly changing world.

Born in Nepal, Tulku Jamyang (TJ) is a reincarnated lama from the Nyingma linage who is recognized by many high lamas of Tibet. His training in Buddhist philosophy and rituals in South India for 11 years as well as his intensive retreat experience in Eastern Tibet brought him to travel and teach far and wide. As an artist, TJ uses the unique medium of incense and rice paper to create Tibetan Buddhist art. These themes are often the result of a sincere reflection and deep concern for the state of the world and beings evolving in this world. TJ has been invited to expose his artwork internationally.

The talk is scheduled for:
Thursday, 22nd October 2020
19:45 NPT (Kathmandu)
16:00 CEST (Germany)

No Charge - All are welcome

Deadline for sign-up is October 21st.