Translator Training

Rangjung Yeshe Institute is pleased to offer an intensive 12-month Translator Training Program to train students to orally interpret from Tibetan into English. The program is designed so that students are able to become oral interpretors in 12 months, capable of serving as an interpreter for a Tibetan teacher giving basic Buddhist teachings. The program is offered at an Intermediate Level, which assumes a year of prior training in both the modern spoken and classical Tibetan languages.
As the program is offered to fill a real need for oral interpreters in the Tibetan Buddhist world community, we ask that graduates of the program plan to intend to serve as interpreters for a Tibetan Buddhist teacher or community upon completion of the program.
The training offered consists of three educational elements:
  1. Rigorous Tibetan language training
  2. Practical translation workshops, and
  3. Full immersion in a Tibetan living environment
Classes are taught in both English and Tibetan, and students are expected to translate into English. Therefore, demonstrated proficiency in English is a required prerequisite for the program.
Unique features of the program include:
  • Course intake limited to eight students (who will train in two translation in groups of four) to ensure rapid progress.
  • A dedicated Translator Training Program Coordinator to support students and monitor progress.
  • Structured opportunities to practice translating in the Fall semester, only three months into the program.
Instructors and Staff
The teaching faculty consists of experienced international translators, Tibetan monastic teachers, Tibetan laypeople, and Tibetan and international language instructors. In addition, a Translation Training Program Coordinator bears overall responsibility for the program and oversees the personal progress and well-being of the students.
The program is located at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Boudhanath, Nepal, and runs from mid-June to mid-June each year. Please see the course overview for details and review the eligibility requirements.
Iridea Beamonte
Meet a Student
"(The) most important things are the experiential...memories are language related. This is one of the best places to live where the language is alive and not just in a book. I am a full believer (in) the total immersion approach and Nepal offers the right conditions to have that experience."
Iridea Beamonte, Mexico
Translator Training Program
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