South Asia and Himalaya Scholarship

The South Asia and Himalaya Scholarship award is a need-based scholarship program awarded annually. It is primarily intended to support students from the South Asian and Himalayan region while they study at RYI. Applicants must be able to demonstrate clear financial need in order to receive this award. Awards are made in the spring for two consecutive semesters of study starting in the fall. This scholarship is not available for the summer program.

Each scholarship award will cover:

  • 100% of RYI and Kathmandu University registration, admission, and examination fees.
  • 80% of tuition fees at RYI for the fall and spring semesters.
  • 100% of all required class materials, for example, texts, textbooks, and course readers.
  • Specialized English language support, particularly for essay-writing.

Eligibility: who can apply?

In order to apply for a South Asia and Himalaya Scholarship award, a student must:

  • Be a citizen (passport holder) of Nepal, or another SAARC country, who permanently resides in the Himalayan/SAARC region. This includes ethnic Tibetans holding refugee status.
  • Have been accepted to and enrolled in the BA, an MA program, the MA Prep program, or the Certificate Course at RYI.
  • Plan to enroll in classes totalling a minimum of twelve credits in the semester for which the award is made. (Note: failure to pass any class in the fall semester will lead to the forfeiture of the scholarship in the spring.)
  • Be able to demonstrate that they have no other sources of funding in order to meet the costs of studying at RYI.

To apply for a South Asia and Himalaya Scholarship award, please complete and submit the online application form here.

Timing and Award Decisions

Applications from eligible, currently enrolled RYI students are accepted from April 1 to April 30. New students may apply from April 1 until the Friday before the start of fall semester classes, given that funding is still available.

Decisions related to scholarship awards are made by RYI's financial aid committee in June. Currently enrolled applicants are notified of the committee's decision by July 1, while new students are notified prior to the start of the fall semester.

As a condition of receiving a scholarship, successful applicants are required to prepare one 250-word article with suitable images per semester, two in total per year, for publishing on RYI's student blog.

Donate to this Scholarship Fund

This scholarship exists due to the generosity of numerous private donors, Tsadra Foundation, and Khyentse Foundation. Would you also like to help us support these students? If so, please visit our donation page, or contact us.