Visa Information

If this is your first time in Nepal this calendar year, you will most likely be on a tourist visa, obtained before you left your own country, or obtained at your port of entry into Nepal. The visa is good for the duration of the time period you requested when applying for the visa, and must be extended before that period expires. Tourist visa extensions can be made up to a maximum stay of 150 days per Western calendar year.  If you are going to stay in Nepal beyond that length of time, you must obtain some other type of visa.

Students fully enrolled at Rangjung Yeshe Institute in the BA, MA, or PhD programs, as well as visiting students, Translator Training Program students, and research students are eligible for a study visa. With a study visa, students will be able to reside in Nepal as long as they remain in good standing with the institute. For further information regarding visas, please contact us.

Tourist visas are available from Nepalese embassies and consulates throughout the world. Please contact the Nepalese embassy or consulate nearest you for information. They are also available at the immigration counter upon entry at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.

You can obtain one of the following three types of tourist visa:

  • Fifteen-day multiple entry visa for US$25
  • Thirty-day multiple entry visa for US$40
  • Ninety-day multiple entry for visa US$100

You can also obtain visa upon arrival at the Kathmandu airport. At the airport, paper application forms are available on the tables and counters as you enter the immigration area. Airport staff may direct you to a computer to fill out your tourist visa application online. They will also take a digital photo of you. To save time, you could download and print the tourist visa application beforehand and fill it out ahead of time. In either case, bring two (2) passport photos with you and the correct change in US dollars or equivalent convertible foreign currency to facilitate the process. Nepali rupees are not accepted for this process.

On expiry of the visa, tourists can obtain a visa extension for an additional fifteen days upon payment of US$30, or thirty days upon payment of US$60. Tourist visas can be extended at the Department of Immigration office for a total stay of up to 150 days per Western calendar year.