New in 2018 - Advanced Classical Tibetan Reading Seminar

Participate in an Advanced Level Classical Tibetan Reading Seminar

RYI is offering a very special summer course in 2018 - a graduate-level advanced Tibetan reading course led by two outstanding visiting scholars, Professor Yaroslav Komarovski (Nebraska, USA) and Professor Klaus-Dieter Mathes (Vienna, Austria).

The course is just eight weeks long. The first four weeks will be taught by Professor Komarovski, who will guide his students through  three texts by Shakya Chokden. These texts provide a nuanced comparison and in-depth analysis of conflicting approaches to the nature of reality, its realization, and those related contemplative practices developed by leading Mahāyāna thinkers such as Nāgārjuna, Asaṅga, Vasubandhu, and Candrakīrti.  

The second four weeks will be taught by Professor Mathes who will read Saraha’s Spontaneous Songs with his students. This text is also referred to more generally in Tibet as the People´s Dohās (dMangs do hā), and is part of the second of the three famous cycles in the seventh Karmapa Chos grags rgya mtsho´s (1454-1506) Indian Mahāmudrā Works (Phyag chen rgya gzhung). Saraha is well known for having abandoned traditional life in order to seek liberation by revolutionary yogic techniques that  mark the beginning of what was later called Mahāmudrā.

Students should have the equivalent of three years of Classical Tibetan study and be ready to dive into these fascinating and challenging Tibetan texts. We are delighted and privileged to have such distinguished teachers with RYI this summer!

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This special summer program is fully accredited by Kathmandu University and academic credits for its completion are transferable through Kathmandu University.