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Welcome to RYI’s Online Learning courses!

Applications for online-learning course enrollment are currently closed. The website is undergoing a major refurbishment. Please check back with us again soon.

RYI’s online courses are designed for both the beginner and the mature scholar-practitioner in any academic or Buddhist practice tradition. Designed to reflect the experience of students in RYI’s BA in Buddhist Studies degree program, the courses bring RYI’s unique combination of a traditional monastic education and modern academic inquiry to anyone with access to the internet.

Many courses are offered in the self-study format and are open for enrollment right now. Browse our course selections below and get started!

Specialized Textual Studies

Specialized textual studies courses focus on a specific Tibetan text. Your course will be taught by a monastic instructor (khenpo or lopon) in Tibetan and translated into English by a skilled interpreter. Read more...

Himalayan Languages

RYI’s online courses in Himalayan languages are designed to facilitate efficient and thorough acquisition of the target language. Created for both scholars of Buddhist Studies and Buddhist practitioners alike. Read more..

Buddhist Studies

Courses in this category are theme-based and look at Buddhist traditions through a lens other than the philosophical, such as through history, anthropology, meditation, ritual, and art. Many also explore the categories, doctrines, and problems of the philosophical study of Buddhism in the modern academy. Read more...

eDharma Course

Tsadra Foundation in collaboration with Rangjung Yeshe Institute, introduces The Madhyāntavibhāga Course for Tablets. Advancing the combined study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism.  Read more...