Newsletter January 2019

Pilgrimage to Bodhgaya with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche.

Almost every autumn since 1984, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche has visited Bodhgaya, India to teach approximately thirty American students enrolled in the Carleton (formerly Antioch) College Study Abroad Program. These students come to Bodhgaya and live at the Burmese Vihar, where they devote themselves to a semester of intensive study about the history, philosophy, and practice of Buddhism in all its forms. Although the primary audience for Rinpoche’s teachings are these study abroad students, the public is welcome to attend. Every year, some of Rinpoche’s students based both in Kathmandu and abroad join the pilgrimage and teachings, as do some RYI students if their schedule allows. This year a small group of Rinpoche’s students joined the pilgrimage in October.


Bodh Gaya, where Śākyamuni Buddha accomplished full awakening, is a profoundly beautiful and peaceful site for all who visit—whether devout Buddhists, those with a new interest in the Buddhadharma, practitioners of other traditions or merely curious site-seers. The peaceful atmosphere of the temple grounds is in marked contrast to the colorful chaos and cacophony of the surrounding town and provides a true refuge for all visitors. The Mahabodi Temple soars 55 meters into the air and is crowned with 289 kilograms of gold, an offering given by the King of Thailand and the Thai people in 2013. Behind the temple grows a large, old bodhi tree descended from the original tree under which the Śākyamuni Buddha meditated some 2600 years ago until the true nature of reality was fully unveiled for him. The temple is surrounded by many acres of gardens, studded with smaller stupas and sacred sites, marking different locations where the Buddha continued to meditate after complete awakening. Read more…


RYI’s Scolarship Programs & Recipients 

Laxmi Bajracharya from Nepal is currently in her seventh semester of the BA program at RYI. She comes from a Newar family in Bhaktapur, who currently resides in Kathmandu, and has been a practising Buddhist all her life. She has been observing the monthly and annual prayers performed at home in the presence of monks and nuns. Laxmi decided that she, wanted to learn more and more of Buddhism, gain in-depth understanding and practice Dharma genuinely. Read more…


Inside RYI; Learn from our students what life is like at Rangjung Yeshe Institute.

Tara Cronjeager (Germany), Translator Training Program (TTP), 2017- 2018.

What made you choose the TTP Program?

I  really wanted to improve my  Tibetan and take it to the next level. And I wanted to be fluent and to understand the Khenpos and Rinpoches. So it seemed to be a good program for me. Read more...


Alumni Dinner

Over 50 RYI alumni and staff celebrated their annual get-together in Boudhanath. We had alumni who were founding directors of RYI from 22 years ago, as well as alumni who recently graduated. Some alumni hadn’t been in Nepal for many years, and we were honored to have some of our local alumni joining us.


Annual Fall Seminar 2018

Every fall for the past 38 years, students from around the world have gathered at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling monastery to receive profound Buddhist teachings and meditation instruction. This annual event began when Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and his son Chӧkyi Nyima Rinpoche gave teachings to a small group of international students. Originally the relatively small number of participants made it possible for the seminar to take place in the Rinpoches’ receiving room at the monastery. Over the years, as it grew in size, the seminar was moved to the main shrine hall.  Read more…


Ask the Khenpo; Interview with Khenpo Gyaltsen about studying the Dharma

What is the purpose of teaching Buddhist philosophy at RYI and what is the outcome for the students?

First, the general goal of teaching the Buddha Dharma is so sentient beings can be happy.  Temporarily and ultimately it can remove the problems that many sentient beings experience. Rangjung Yeshe Institute was established so that we can offer the Dharma in an open way to without making any discimination among people in a way that they will benefit not only in this life but in future lives as well. Specifically, due to technological advances there is a lot of progress with regard to what is available to us in our outer world. At the same time there has been a decline in the inner happiness of the mind. Now, as for improving inner happiness the Dharma is of great benefit, and that’s why we offer the Dharma, Read more…


Tsadra Scolarship Recipient;

Kaleb Yaniger (America)

Prior to applying for the Tsadra scholarship what interested me most about the Buddhist Studies Master’s program was its emphasis on engaging with Buddhist philosophy and the living tradition. Knowing the incredible opportunity provided by Tsadra, I was encouraged to learn the language as best I could, hoping that by entering into an intensive setting of Tibetan study, my basic understanding of the language would progress to a finer degree.  Read more…

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