New in 2017: Certificate Course in Buddhist Studies. Apply Now

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, students will have the opportunity to earn an academic Certificate in Buddhist Studies after spending just two semesters studying on campus at RYI. This new certificate course was developed for interested students wishing to get a taste of studying Buddhist philosophy and learn Tibetan or meditation without committing to a four-year BA program. The new certificate program in Buddhist Studies is also compatible with some gap-year study programs in that students can receive academic credit that can be applied to appropriate BA study programs later. For those who want to take a relatively short period away from work and home life, this is a good option for in-depth, intense study in a short period of time.

Students in the certificate course study for two semesters, from mid-August until the end of April. The course offers a compelling mixture of Buddhist philosophy, historical and cultural studies of Buddhism in Nepal and Asia, Buddhist meditation practices, and language study (students can choose from Nepali, Tibetan or Sanskrit). After successful completion of the course, students are awarded a certificate worth thirty academic credits.

Extra-curricular opportunities to study, practice, and go on pilgrimage during the academic year are easy to find. During fall reading week, students may join the annual one-week excursion to Bodh Gaya, India where Buddha Shakyamuni attained enlightenment. The annual RYI fall seminar in November provides a special chance for students to learn and practice meditation in the Vajrayāna tradition with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and other masters and lamas. 

The certificate program can also be a doorway to continued studies at RYI because upon successful completion of the program, students are prepared to continue into the second year of the BA if they so choose. 

This exciting new program launches on August 16, 2017--we invite you to come to be a part of the first group of students to work on their certificates. You can find more information about the course and start your application by visiting