Academic English and Advanced Study Methods

Summer Academic English and Advanced Study Methods Course 

June 6 – August 4, 2017 (Eight weeks including four days of orientation)

This intensive Academic English and Advanced Study Methods course is designed for students who are not native speakers of English, and provides a rigorous introduction to the academic study methods used in most Western institutions of higher education.

The course focuses on several important skills: first, foundational reading skills, including learning how to identify an author’s thesis in the context of a scholarly article and how to critique the author’s arguments, both key steps in learning to engage with academic articles and develop essential critical evaluation skills. Second, students will refine their English grammar, particularly as it is used in formal essays and will increase their academic vocabulary in the humanities, with many of the reading exercises drawn from the field of Buddhist Studies. Students will become comfortable with using sophisticated terminology and grammatical structures in their writing and will develop the skills necessary to comprehend, interpret and critique texts.

The level of intensity of the program is high and students are expected to invest considerable time and effort in order to meet class requirements.

For more information, please download the detailed course syllabus.

Early Application Scholarship

Applications to the Academic English and Advanced Study Methods summer course that are submitted between October 1 and October 31 will receive a scholarship worth fifteen percent of tuition towards the cost of the chosen summer course. This scholarship applies to early applicants of all nationalities. Read more about the Early Application Scholarship here.

Admission Criteria

The Academic English and Advanced Study Methods course has a maximum enrollment of twenty students and all applications are subject to approval by the Centre for Buddhist Studies.

Candidates who have completed higher secondary school (10+2) are eligible to apply for the program and should visit the admissions section of this website before applying. Applicants whose previous education was not in English in an English speaking country should submit documentation establishing their English language proficiency.

For international students, an official English test is required for application. Applicants who do not have any documentation to show proof of English language proficiency should plan to take an English language proficiency exam at the RYI office. Check the dates for the exam here.

The purpose of the English Language Proficiency requirement is to determine if your English language skills are sufficient to qualify for this course, while not sufficient enough to qualify for admission to the BA program.


The course is accredited at the Centre for Buddhist Studies for ELAN 101 (six credits total).

Fee Request

Fee Request