Each year, RYI welcomes a large number of visiting students from leading universities around the world. Most attend for one or two semesters and are able to apply credits earned to their studies back home. Others are able to transfer academic credits from other universities to CBS and join our BA degree program.

In order to facilitate these arrangements, RYI and the universities concerned have entered into formal exchange agreements, most of which also make provision for the exchange of faculty members and collaborative research.

In addition to formal partnerships, RYI also maintains a register of the many other institutions that have accepted academic credits earned by students studying at RYI. For more information on the transfer of course credits, please contact us.

Colleges & Universities having Formal Agreements with RYI

lausanne-university.jpg boston-college.jpg vienna-university.jpg hamburg-university.jpg leipzig-university.jpg east-tennessee-state-university.jpg iabu-a.jpg unior.jpg


Colleges & Universities that have accepted KU-CBS credits and/or degrees

austin-college.jpg  columbia-university.jpg oslo-university.jpg bonn-university.jpg virginia-university.jpg marburg-university.jpg roskilde-university.jpg london-university.jpg harvard-university.jpg copenhagen-university.jpg university-cal-berkeley.jpg lund-university.jpg