Studying at Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Nepal
The courses offered at Rangjung Yeshe Institute include a wide variety of topics in Buddhist Philosophy and in Tibetan, Sanskrit and Nepali languages.
Students who are seeking a thorough education in Buddhist Philosophy and Himalayan languages may enroll in formal degree programs at BA, MA and PhD levels or take advantage of specialized non-degree courses including our renowned summer intensive short courses and year-long translator training program.
Students may also study online, from wherever they are in the world.
Through a partnership with Kathmandu University, all degree and some online learning courses may be taken for academic credits for transfer to home Universities. This option is proving particularly popular with the growing number of students from other Universities who visit RYI each year.
Curriculum Structure
RYI's faculty is made up of both monastic professors (Khenpos and Lopons) and highly qualified international instructors trained in modern academic disciplines. As a crucial element of the training in Buddhist philosophy, courses taught by monastic professors follow the format and curriculum of a traditional Buddhist monastic education, while other classes apply contemporary pedagogical approaches. RYI is the only institution in South Asia able to offer this rich mix of traditional and modern learning as an integral part of its formal degree programs.
For those with a genuine interest in the content of particular undergraduate courses and yet who do not wish to undergo the rigors of intensive academic study and examinations, most BA classes may be studied on a non-degree, non-examination basis.
In Praise of Learning
"Listen to the Buddha's teaching and you become pure,
serene and gentle.
Contemplate and you gain confidence in liberation.
Meditate and you discover your inner natural wisdom.
Therefore, strive hard to listen, contemplate and meditate!"
-Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche
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Online Learning
Classical Tibetan
Join us for an introduction to classical Tibetan grammar. Select your preferred study format:
Interactive and For Credit courses start 18th January - Sign up now!
Self Study - Sign up anytime!
Summer Program 2016
June 8 through August 5
Applications Now Open!
Offering courses in Colloquial Tibetan at three levels, Beginning and Intermediate Classical Tibetan, Beginners Sanskrit, Beginning and Intermediate Nepali or Buddhist Studies.
Come and study with us this summer!
Events at RYI
RYI wishes all students and faculty a rejuvenating winter break and look forward to seeing you all back in the Spring semester starting on Monday 18th January 2016.