RYI's Temporary Website

Welcome to RYI's temporary web page! Our website is down at the moment and we hope to restore full functionality soon. In the meantime, you can register for our fall programs through this page. We are back online and able to answer questions, so please feel free to write to us at admin@ryi.org if you have any questions about the program, RYI in general, staying in Boudhanath, and so forth.
The fall semester 2015 starts on August 19 and for all of our new and returning students, we look forward to meeting up once again in August!

Summer Program 2015

Following on from Tuesday’s major aftershock which occurred two weeks after April 25th’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake, RYI’s staff have held further discussions with representatives of Ka Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery, faculty members and technical experts. Our conclusion at the end of these discussions is that, with deep regret, we must cancel this year’s Summer Program. Read More...
The reasons for this relate to our overriding concern for the safety and wellbeing of all those associated with the monastery and institute and the impact that running summer courses would have on all concerned.
As you may be aware, the damage to the main temple building at the monastery during the initial quake was increased by the aftershock to the extent that it must now be taken down completely. This task will have a major impact on the monastery’s ability to function normally in the period ahead and will stretch available resources to their limit.
Fortunately, the new buildings to the north of the main temple are in good condition and the Institute’s focus will now shift to preparing them for the start of our new academic year in August.
The cancellation of summer classes is disappointing for everyone involved, and especially for students who were looking forward to traveling to Nepal for a truly enriching personal and educational experience.
Should you still wish to study with us this summer, you can do so through our online courses from 1st June onwards and via the iTunes Store where our new Madhyāntavibhāga (Middle Beyond Extremes) course, produced in association with the Tsadra Foundation, will be launched later this month. We will post details of the links to both of these online course options here on Facebook soon. Your continued support for RYI through online studies at this time would be greatly appreciated.